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日本橋龍馬会ダイヤモンド・プリンセス号 PV Short

日本橋龍馬会ダイヤモンド・プリンセス号 PV Long

2018年10月6日 全国龍馬ファンの集いオープニングアクト in 東京国際フォーラム

2018年8月15日 伊東近代美術館公演

2018年7月7日 日蘭フェストークショー

2018年5月12日 上野 日本伝統文化フェスタ

2018年5月11日 渋谷龍馬会発会式

2018年3月30日 渋谷桜まつり cam & edit by Andrey Higuchinsky

2017年10月20日 プレスクラブ特別公演会 in 日本外国特派員協会

Guam Emotion



The establishment of Nihonbashi-Ryomakai

150 years have come to pass since the Meiji Restoration, which brought about a great change in the history of Japan and also, since the death of Ryoma Sakamoto, the hero of the last days of the shogunate regime.

Ryoma’s aspiration is still the basis that moves the heart of many people even after 150 years.

”Ryomakai” was established by a group of approximately 190 organizations that are interested in Ryoma, from all regions of Japan and also all over the world. The members respect Ryoma Sakamoto and feel reverance towards him, look up to him as their master, and take part in various activities with the same aspiration as he did.

Our organization, Nihonbashi-Ryomakai was established based on Ryoma’s aspiration and what he had worked for with his life to create his image of Japan.

Our theme is the ”innovation” in the area of traditional arts. Through our activities, we would like to promote to the world this feeling of an aesthetic spirit and offer the fun experience of seeing the sophisticated cultures of Japan.



  1. 日本の歴史的文化を伝統芸能を通して世界に発信
  2. 次世代に向けて日本の伝統的文化・芸能の普及活動
  3. 演劇公演、映像、PVなど革新企業とのコラボ活動
  4. 日本古来の精神や文化を未来型に進化させ、伝統と未来を融合した新しいカタチの古典を研究・発表
  5. 社会貢献活動

The philosophy of Nihonbashi-Ryomakai

We are successors of Ryoma Sakamoto’s aspiration, and through our theme, ”innovation”, we work on showing Japan’s historical culture in our theatrical performances and traditional performing arts to people around the world. We also focus on passing on this spiritual culture to the young generation within the country.

1. Showing Japan’s historical culture through traditional performing arts to other countries.

2. Spreading traditional culture and entertainment to the next generation in Japan.

3. Collaboration with innovative corporates in theatrical performances, visual arts, promotion films, etc.

4. Research and presentation of a new type of classic that takes the ancient Japanese spirit and culture to an evolutionary futuristic version. The fusion of tradition and the future.

5. Social contribution and philanthrophic activities



日本橋龍馬会 名誉顧問
坂本匡弘 氏



小曾根克秀 氏
小曾根乾堂 娘キク子孫



倉持基 氏